Banding structures

Our clinical banding structure clearly sets out how you can progress your career and salary. 

Our roles range from band A to E, and within each we also have sub-bands to support the continual progression of your skills.

Each level has a clear set of development goals and competencies that you will need to demonstrate to progress.

Every year there will be an opportunity for you to apply for a promotion to the next level.

Our training curriculum has been designed to support your development and enable you to achieve your goals and ambitions as a clinician.

Click here to view our banding and progression pathway structure. 

The below is an approximate salary guide.

Where you are on the scale will depend on a number of factors including progression in your role and location.

Band A
£22,500 – £28,800

Band B
£27,000 – £33,900

Band C
£31,500 – £39,000

Band D
£36,000 – £43,600

Band E
£40,000 – £50,900