Troon - Marine Hotel

How to find your clinic

The clinic is situated in the hotel, located on the right hand side of Crosbie Road (by the sea) and is opposite the royal Troon golf course.


There is free parking available at the clinic.

Other transport options

There are buses which stop on Craigend Road. Troon Railway Station is an approximately ten minutes’ walk away from the clinic.


There are two disabled parking spaces at the clinic.

What to do on arrival

There is a reception area in the main entrance of the surgery. If you explain that you are visiting for your appointment with Ascenti, the receptionist will direct you to our treatment room.

Useful contact information

Please call us directly on 03306 780 850 if you need to speak to us about your appointment.

8 Crosbie Road, Troon, KA10 6HE
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Call our central booking line on: 0330 678 0850