Gary, Senior Capacity Administrator at Ascenti
09.17.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Gary: Senior Capacity Administrator

Gary has been with Ascenti for over eight years and has worked in multiple departments in our head office. Here he talks about his experience with the company and outlines his day to day role.

When did you join Ascenti? 

I joined Ascenti in an administration role in August 2013 and moved over to the Capacity Team in March 2015. 

Who do you sit next to and are they a good neighbour?

I sit next to Will who is very friendly and helpful, although his desk is a little untidy…

What does a typical day involve?

Every day is busy, which I like. There are always plenty of diary changes to make and telephone calls to answer.

I have daily tasks which can involve running reports on the system, contacting our physiotherapists or network managers for information and updating the various systems I use. 

I also update our website with clinic information and inform the IPs (instructing parties) of clinics that are opening, moving or closing.

What attracted you to joining the Capacity Team?

I had previously undertaken diary work as part of my role within the Administration Team. I was keen to expand these skills further and be part of a new department. 

It has been a great experience being part of Capacity from the very start. We have come a long way and I feel we are a central part of the business.

Can you talk us through one of the biggest challenges of your role?

It's probably cancelling patient appointments due to absences or unexpected clinic closures. That is always a challenging situation, as sometimes these are cancelled at short notice.

Unfortunately, these situations happen but I deal with them promptly, professionally and with understanding from both the business’ and patient’s point of view. 

What are the three best bits about your role?

Working in Capacity, I get the opportunity to interact with most other departments around the business.

The varied nature of the work - no two days are the same!

Being given the opportunity to work on various projects that enable me to expand my skills and learn something new.

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