Advice & guides

Jacek Garbacz
29 Apr

6 tips for office workers to beat the aches and pains

Jacek Garbacz is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Plymouth and East Cornwall. In this article Jacek provides some practical advice about how office workers can stop pain before it starts with simple stretches and small changes. 
Alan Young
12 Apr

Top physio tips for a long walk or hike 

Alan Young is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in London.   He is an experienced clinician and a walking enthusiast himself, having climbed the Himalayas, the Alps and more recently mountains in Japan as part of an eleven-day trek.  Alan combines his physiotherapy expertise with his own personal walking experiences, to bring you his top tips. 
Patrick Walsh
25 Mar

Smash your workout and build muscle 

Patrick Walsh is a Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor based in Cardiff. As a seasoned gym goer, a passionate runner and someone who competes in endurance challenges regularly, Patrick gives us his top tips on how to reach your goals, build muscle and avoid injury.
Huw Dimond
25 Feb

Top physio tips for rugby players

Ascenti physiotherapist and former rugby pro Huw Dimond shares his top tips on how to minimise the risks of the game, reduce the long-term effects of injury and return to action faster.
Huw Dimond
8 Feb

Top physio tips for snowboarders

Ascenti physio and snowboard instructor Huw Dimond gives his top tips on how to prevent injuries, perform better and fully enjoy your time on the slopes.
Josh Conway
10 Dec

Physio tips for long-distance cycling

Josh Conway is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Leicester. He's an enthusiastic cyclist and has completed many charity challenges, including the first stage of the Tour de France as part of the 'The Grand Depart', and a ride from London to Paris. In this article, Josh combines his personal experience with his clinical expertise to bring you his top tips.
Nick Kommatas
22 Oct

How to treat whiplash with physiotherapy

Nick Kommatas is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Stoke on Trent.  In his clinic he sees a lot of patients with whiplash who have been referred to us for treatment by a medical agency or solicitor.  Nick explains what whiplash is and the best way to manage your recovery. 
Georgina Hoare
7 Sep

Common myths about back pain

Georgina Hoare is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Kidderminster. She has a keen interest in treating persistent lower back pain and has specialised in this area through a range of additional training.
Helen Davison
30 Aug

Physio advice for a long-haul flight

Helen Davison is an Ascenti physiotherapist based in London. Here she combines her personal experiences of travelling the world with her clinical expertise, to bring you top advice about coping with the aches and pains associated with long-haul travel.
Peter Gizauskas
17 Aug

10 steps for an injury and pain free festival 

Peter Gizauskas is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Bristol. He is an experienced clinician, as well as a keen music fan who regularly attends festivals.  Here he gives us his top tips on how to avoid injury and the best way to recover from those aches and pains afterwards. 
Matt Rawlins
12 Jul

On top of your game - 10 tips for footballers

Ascenti Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor, Matt Rawlins, explains what you can do to protect yourself and minimise the risk of injury when playing football.
Beverley Gorbutt
9 May

How to stop lower back pain before it starts

Ascenti Physiotherapist, Beverley Gorbutt, shares some advice on the steps you can take to stop lower back pain before it starts.
Olukayode Faleye
27 Apr

How to avoid injury while training for a running event

Ascenti Physiotherapist and running enthusiast, Olukayode Faleye, shares his top tips on avoiding common injury pitfalls when training for a running event.
Ryan Sneddon
27 Apr

Five physio tips for extreme endurance challenges

Ascenti Physiotherapist and our resident kayak expert, Ryan Sneddon, shares his top tips on how to prepare for an extreme challenge event.