Quality and safety

You can depend on us to deliver high quality services that are safe.

We take our responsibilities as a healthcare provider seriously and deliver on our promises, which is why we are a trusted partner to more than 40 NHS organisations and 400 private businesses.

Physiotherapist certification  
Ascenti physiotherapists are our own employees, not independent contractors. 

Every physiotherapist is registered with the Health Care Professions Counsel (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), and receives a minimum of 40 hours training with us annually. 

This helps us to maintain consistently high standards and keeps us on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and treatments.

Clinical Governance 
Our leading Clinical Governance framework ensures that we are continually evaluating our services and making sure we uphold the highest standards, whilst constantly striving for excellence. 

We have a dedicated Clinical Governance Team, made up of experienced clinical governance professionals who are supported by specialist medical advisors. 

CQC registration 
We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and hold registration for the Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury. 

To get in touch with the CQC, you can call the CQC queries helpline on 03000 616161 or email  

Alternatively you can write to:
Care Quality Commission
Newcastle upon Tyne

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ISO certifications 
Our International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications are regularly reviewed and demonstrate our commitment to high standards. 

•    Quality Management System - ISO 9001 (View certificate)
•    Information Security Management Systems - ISO 27001
•    Environmental Management System - ISO 14001 (View certificate)

Data protection 
You will never have to worry that your personal data is being stored inappropriately, managed badly or shared with anyone that it shouldn’t be.  

We take data security and patient privacy seriously. All of our employees receive regular training and we invest in high-tech (ISO accredited) IT systems, which means that we are able to maintain the highest standards of data security.

You can read more about our privacy policy here. 

UK prompt payment code 
Our corporate membership with the UK Prompt Payment Code demonstrates our commitment to good payment practice.

NHS Quality Report
We publish an Annual Quality Report for our NHS services in the news & publications section.