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What is an online physiotherapy appointment & how can it help me?

Video physiotherapy consultations are available as part of our virtual service. Find out more about our online appointments here.

Our online physiotherapy appointments are live one-to-one video consultations delivered using our Ascenti Physio app.

They are an alternative to face-to-face in-clinic appointments but can achieve the same great results. These virtual appointments can also be held over the telephone.

Who will I speak to during an online physiotherapy appointment?

Our virtual physiotherapy service is delivered by our national network of physiotherapists, who are the same highly trained clinicians you would see in clinic at a face-to-face appointment. 

Ascenti physiotherapists are qualified medical professionals who receive a minimum of 100 hours of protected training and development time annually and are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

What does an online appointment involve?

Your first online appointment will be very similar to a first time face-to-face physiotherapy appointment with us in clinic. The physical assessment is modified but we still ask you to show us how well you can move and may ask you to perform certain tests or tasks while we watch.

Once your physiotherapist has learned more about your condition or injury, they can prescribe you suitable exercises to help your recovery. Your clinician will be able to play guided exercises video through the Ascenti Physio app while on the call, allowing them to talk through what to do and answer any questions you may have. 

They will then assign you a tailored rehabilitation programme detailing which exercises you need to complete, the number of reps and sets and how often to complete them. 

You can access your programme via the app and leave feedback on your pain levels after doing the exercises, which allows both you and your physio to track your progress.

In further appointments your physiotherapist will be able to discuss your progress and any changes you have experienced since your previous appointment. Regular online appointments will ensure your recovery continues to progress and your therapist will be able to tweak your rehabilitation programme accordingly. 

How is it different to a face-to-face physio appointment?

For obvious reasons, hands on treatment such as manual therapy and soft tissue massage are not part of an online appointment. 

However your physiotherapist will be able to give you self-management advice allowing you to proactively take control of your health and get back to your best, faster.

They will talk to you about your condition to gain a detailed understanding of it and how it is affecting you. They will also be able to recommend techniques to help you manage any pain and prescribe and demonstrate useful exercises in the same way as a face-to-face appointment.

It’s important to remember that manual therapy isn’t always the best treatment pathway. Exercise therapy is a core MSK physiotherapy treatment option and has long been considered the most effective treatment for many conditions. 

Completing these exercises in between your appointments is a vital part of your recovery journey and will ensure you continue to progress. 

What are the benefits of an online physiotherapy appointment?

Speaking to your physiotherapist regularly is really important for keeping your rehabilitation programme on track, which is why it is great that we can offer our online service for those who may not be able to come and see us in person. 

There are a variety of reasons why people may not be able to come into clinic. People are often put off of seeing a physiotherapist because it can be hard to take time out to visit a clinic in the day or challenging to travel if you are suffering with pain or mobility issues.

Virtual physiotherapy is an amazing solution to this. It can connect you with a trained physiotherapist at the touch of a button and from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you need to be.

It can be useful to have an appointment in your home environment as your therapist may be able to better understand lifestyle factors that are affecting your condition. 

They will also be able to prescribe exercises with your home environment in mind, for example by suggesting household objects to use instead of physiotherapy equipment or suitable places within your home to carry out exercises. 

How does an online physiotherapy appointment work?

When you first book your appointment with us you will be given an access code that allows you to log in to the Ascenti Physio app. 

Your physiotherapist will call you when your appointment is due to start and you will need to be logged in to the app to connect to the call.

If you have booked an online appointment with Ascenti we recommend you carefully read the guidance that we send you via email.

You will need to find a location that offers you privacy as you may need to perform movements or share personal information. You will also need to be somewhere that the physio can see and hear you clearly. 

Read more about how our virtual appointments work and view frequently asked questions

How much are online appointments and how can I book one?

Our online physiotherapy sessions cost £44 for 30 minutes and can be booked through our website booking service here.

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