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03.20.20|Posted by Ascenti Team

How an online physio appointment can achieve great treatment results

Online physiotherapy is an alternative to a face-to-face appointment that can save you time and offer great results.

Ascenti’s online physiotherapy services are designed to give you speedy access to the physio treatment you need at a time and place convenient to you. 

It might be tempting to put off seeing a physiotherapist because it can be hard to take time out to visit a clinic in the day or challenging to travel if you are suffering with pain or mobility issues. 

An online video physiotherapy appointment is an amazing solution to this. It can connect you with a trained physiotherapist at the touch of a button and from the comfort of your home, work or wherever you need to be. 

Research shows that the right management of injuries and conditions early on helps you to recover quicker and stops problems from becoming bigger in the future. Our virtual services will give you the swift access you need to self-management advice from a physiotherapist along with the use of our free exercise and rehabilitation app, so you can proactively take control of your health and get back to your best, faster.

Ascenti’s online consultations are very similar to a first-time face-to-face physiotherapy appointment with us in clinic. They are delivered by telephone or using video call technology through our app in the same way that you would Facetime or Skype a friend. 

Your online appointment will be carried out by a qualified and professionally trained Ascenti physiotherapist who will talk you through the same set of assessment questions that they would ask in clinic.

The physical assessment is modified but we still ask you to show us how well you can move and may ask you to perform certain tests or tasks while we watch. 

During your appointment, your physiotherapist will provide you with advice about how to treat and manage your condition, as well as guidance about how to use our patient app.

This app will give you access to your prescribed exercises that you can watch from the comfort of your home. These guided videos will be available to view as often as you need to ensure that you’re completing your exercises correctly. The app also allows you to keep an exercise diary to help you and your physio track your progress and monitor how you are getting on following your appointment. 

Our Ascenti therapists are highly trained to deliver this cutting-edge digital service and ensure that you get the best possible care and results from your treatment. 

If you have any questions about using our virtual physiotherapy services, you can view our frequently asked questions here

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What our customers say

"I am 70 years young and am coping with most of this new technology... I didn't know how over the phone physio would work, but there were good questions and good instructions. Well done - I am converted!"
"I've never had a physio session by phone before and was concerned that it would not work. However, the lady who discussed my problems with me asked clear and relevant questions and provided clear and easily understood information and instructions."
"It was a very relaxed and informative virtual session, it was great to get the information and advice I actually needed. Thank you."
"Good verbal session on phone. Guidance with exercises to do at home. Easy app to download and to access exercises."

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