Physio tips for home workers
04.17.20|Posted by Nick Worth

Physio tips for home workers

It's now quite common for people who would usually work in an office to work from home, either full or part-time. Here are some tips for home workers to keep healthy and mobile.

The health impacts of sitting at a desk all day have been widely reported, and we know that being sedentary for long periods of time can have serious consequences on our physical well-being.

These consequences are made even worse when you sit in positions that are not good for your body, and poor posture can cause a range of problems that could have a huge impact on your overall health.

There are more of us than ever before currently working from home and some of us may not have an appropriate workstation set-up, meaning we are more likely to sit in poor positions such as on the sofa or on the bed throughout our working day. 

Here are some top tips for home workers to keep healthy and mobile.

Move more, sit less

Moving around the house and getting your heart rate up a few times a day will help keep you mobile.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or an intense workout to make a difference. 

Simple movements such as sit to stand a few times every hour will allow you to reassess your posture and get the blood pumping around the body again.

Why not set a timer so that every hour, on the hour the alarm reminds you to move which could be to stand up, walk down the stairs to make a drink or to do some stretching at your desk. Check out our five stretches for home workers here

Eat well

Do you find yourself at the fridge or cupboard looking for snacks when working from home? Your home office may be set-up in the kitchen, surrounded by temptation and distractions. 

Although snacking throughout the day is fine, it’s what we snack on that will make a difference to how we feel. 

Nutrition has a real impact on our physical and mental well-being and eating a balanced diet will make us feel our best. Find out more about fuelling your body with a balanced diet here.

Working from home means you have access to a fully equipped kitchen and a selection of food items to make something nutritional. Alternatively, use time in the evenings or weekends to prepare lunches in the fridge. 

Try not to work through your lunch break or to eat in the room where you work. Remove yourself from the work environment, as you would if you were in the office and enjoy your food. 

Remember, food fuels your brain too so a balanced lunch will keep you focused for your 3pm conference call with the boss! 

Book a home-working health check with a physio

We are passionate about keeping the nation healthy at home while we fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Our home-working health check service includes a 30-minute online video consultation with a specially trained Ascenti physiotherapist to provide you with guidance and support such as:

  • Guidance about how to achieve the best working set-up and posture at home to avoid common issues such as neck strain which can lead to injury or pain - read more advice about this here.
  • Managing pain, injury, reduced mobility or musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, when working from home. 
  • Exercises and stretches that can help to prevent and relieve pain due to home working. 
  • Good home working practices and habits that can help to protect overall mental and physical wellbeing while working at home.

Find out more here and make your appointment today. 

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