Home worker exercise disclaimer

This access code is only for use by attendees of the WPA webinar ‘The impact of MSK conditions on productivity’ on 12 May 2021. You should not share this code with anyone else. 

Please note:

  • as we have not carried out a consultation with you, the guidance and information on our app, including details of any exercises, will be generic and provided as a general guide. It will not necessarily meet any of your specific health or medical requirements and any exercises will be undertaken at your own risk. The information and guidance is not intended to be interpreted as (and should not be seen as a substitute for) specific medical advice relevant to your particular circumstances and should not be relied upon as such;
  • the exercises and generic information that will be available on our app are intended to be preventative in nature and may not be suitable if you have an existing condition. If you have an existing condition then you should seek specific medical advice from a GP or other relevant health professional. You should not delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue treatment on the basis of generic information made available on the app;
  • you should only carry out exercises that you are comfortable with and you should stop immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort or you experience any adverse or unexpected effects. You should not undertake any exercise that you have been told by any medical professional not to undertake;
  • all exercises should be undertaken in a suitable environment on a flat, sturdy floor. In the event that we suggest that you use any equipment, furniture or other items in performing any exercises, you are responsible for ensuring that they are safe and secure and, where necessary, strong enough to support your weight;
  • you are responsible for ensuring that any exercises are carried out in accordance with our instructions. Whilst we have tried to ensure that our instructions are clear and easy to follow, you should not perform any exercise if you are unsure of how to correctly and safely complete it.