Ascenti Physio app support

The Ascenti Physio app is our free exercise app, allowing you to access your rehabilitation program through the app, or on a web browser.

To find out more about how to use the app or to troubleshoot any problems, please take a look through the frequently asked questions below.

To test your system ahead of an online video appointment you can run a system check here

If you can't find the answer to your question or you're still experiencing problems, please get in touch by calling 0330 678 0850 or emailing

Accessing your program

My year of birth isn't being accepted

If you are asked to enter your year of birth and you are unable to login even if you provide a correct year of birth, then it is likely we have entered your year of birth incorrectly.

Please email or call 0330 678 0850 so that we can correct this in the Ascenti Physio app.

My program isn't updating on the app

If you open the Ascenti Physio app on your iOS or Android device, and you notice that your program hasn't been updated, it could be that you are still logged in to your old program.

To access your new program:

  • Open the Ascenti Physio app on your iOS or Android device
  • Go to Preferences
  • Click on "Sign out" to sign out of your current program
  • Sign in with your new access code

I forgot my access code

  • Click on "I don't have an access code"
  • Choose one of the options

If you never received an email with your access code, please call 0330 678 0850 or email 

How do I get an access code?

You will receive your access code directly via email once you have booked your first appointment with us. 

Ascenti Physio app FAQs

My Android device claims that my device is incompatible

The Ascenti Physio app for Android supports a wide range of devices, as long as they are Android 4.1 or newer (API level 16).

If you get an error in Google Play that your device is not compatible (and you know for a fact that it is not), it is likely because something jammed in your device (like Google Play Services cache or Google Play itself). 

In this case, restarting the device and/or clearing/restarting the Google Play Services cache usually helps. 

What exactly does my physiotherapist see?

Your physiotherapist uses a platform call Physitrack (the practitioner version of our app) to design your home exercise program and track your progress.

As a result, he/she will see when you've logged in, which exercises you completed, which exercises you haven't completed, and all related messages and pain levels.

All your data is treated and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

There is no sound on the videos

Please check that your computer, tablet or smartphone is not muted.

All videos have clearly narrated instructions with the exception of our cardiovascular exercises. 

If you are viewing exercise videos which were added by your practitioner, these may not have sound added to them. In that case, please check this by either asking your physiotherapist or getting in touch with Ascenti. 

Is my information treated securely?

Yes, your data is treated securely.

The Ascenti Physio app is owned and operated by Ascenti, a UK company which adheres to strict privacy regulations. Your data is protected by our Privacy Policy.

Our app is regularly tested for security and built with solid engineering principles. An ISO 27001 certified security consultancy company tests our systems for a high-security standard.

If I travel abroad, can I change my timezone?

For most accurate results, it's important that the timezone of your computer, tablet or phone are accurate.

The Ascenti Physio app for iOS & Android

The timezone is inherited from the timezone to which your device is set.

The Ascenti Physio app for web

  • Access your program
  • Go to Preferences > Settings
  • Choose the correct timezone. Your change is automatically saved.

If I go on holiday, will the app still work?

Yes. The Ascenti Physio app works worldwide as long as you have access to an internet connection and a reasonably modern computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do I get in touch with a problem?

Sometimes things go wrong. 

We're here on the other end of the phone or email to help you out. But to get the quickest resolution and avoid a game of email tennis, here are a few requests we have to you to ensure we can assist you as efficiently as possible. 

  • Ensure you have checked with your Physiotherapist first to find out if your program may have expired, or they have changed your program.
  • State the problem. eg. "The app does not recognise my access code." 
  • Let us know how you usually access your program and if you have had the same problem with your other portals. As you know, the Ascenti Physio app can be run on a web browser, an iOS app and an Android app. The more details you can tell us the better. E.g. "I usually access the app on my iPhone but for some reason this has stopped working."
  • Take a screenshot or video of the problem. With so many different laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets and operating systems in the world comes even more potential sources of error. If you are receiving a pop up, a warning, an irregular behaviour on our platform, the more visuals you can send us the better. Most hardware devices these days have the facility to take a screenshot (a picture of your current screen) and even a video. If possible, please try and send this with your email. This greatly helps us and our developers to assist you. If you are unsure how to take a screenshot, use your web browser to search for "How to take a screenshot on a XXXXXXX".  
  • Send your email to

** Many technical issues resolve when a software upgrade is installed on your device. Although these upgrades can seem annoying, they are vital to ensuring your device is best protected from any threats, and that all the systems running on your hardware are able to do so most efficiently. So when your computer, smartphone or tablet informs you of these upgrades, be sure to allow them. ** 

Go to the "Settings" menu on your hardware to check if there are any software upgrades to install.

How do I enable and disable exercise reminders?

Ascenti Physio app for web

  • Access your exercise program
  • Go to Preferences > Reminders
  • Check (or uncheck) the box to send reminders
  • If you want to receive reminders, make sure that you have entered an email address or phone number.

Ascenti Physio app for iOS

  • Access your exercise program
  • Go to Preferences > Reminders
  • Switch on (or off) the switch to send a reminder to complete exercises
  • If switched on reminders, you can choose different times at which you can be reminded to do your exercises

How can I print my program?

Ascenti Physio app for web

  • Access your exercise program
  • Go to Preferences > My program
  • Select the weeks that you want to print
  • Click the "Show printable version" button to see a print-friendly version of your program, that you can then print from your browser.

Ascenti Physio app for iOS

  • Access your exercise program
  • Go to Preferences > My program
  • Tap on the Actions button in the top right
  • Enter your email address, and you will receive an email with a printable PDF version of your exercise program.

Preparing for your video consultation

Check your connection

You can use the Ascenti Physio app on an iPhone or Android device, or on a web browser. Vitality customers can use PhysioCare on a web browser.

You need to be logged in and connected to the internet in order to receive the video call from your physio. We recommend connecting via WiFi, as it tends to be more reliable. 

Run a system check

To make sure that your online physio appointment goes smoothly, we advise you to check your system ahead of the video call. 

If you're on iOS or Android (Please note, the Ascenti Physio app is not available to Vitality customers)

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the Ascenti Physio app installed on your iOS or Android device.

  • Make sure that the Ascenti Physio app has access to your camera and microphone.

If you're using a web browser

Pick the right web browser

When using the Ascenti Physio app on your computer or laptop, it’s best to use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Check the camera angle

As you may be asked to perform exercises, make sure your camera can be angled to focus on the relevant part of your body during the exercise. Make sure you also have enough space. 

Test this out before your call starts by opening the webcam on your computer, or the camera option on your phone or tablet. Check you have your front-facing camera switched on, so that you can look at the screen as well as show your face. 

Find a quiet space

Treat the session in the same way as if the physio were coming to your house. So get a quiet spot away from any distractions e.g. pets, colleagues and children.

Check your microphone

For the best quality audio, use headphones with a microphone. If you don’t have headphones, check that the microphone on your computer or tablet works. 

How to start your video consultation

You can’t call your physio; they call you.

When it’s time for your appointment:

  • Go to preferably in Google Chrome or Firefox. 
  • Enter the six-letter access code you receive in your Ascenti Physio app invitation email, along with your date of birth.
  • Click the “Access your programme” button. 

 Your physio will now be able to call you.

When the call comes through, you’ll see a 'Join video call' button appear in the top right. To answer the call, just press the button.

Switching audio and video off

If at any point during the call you want to turn off your camera and/or sound, just press the camera and/or microphone symbols in the top left corner of your screen. You’ll see a line appear through the symbols when they’ve been turned off.

Can I request to be seen by a male or female physiotherapist?

Yes. If you would prefer to be seen by a therapist of the same sex, please tell us when you book your appointment or contact us to let us know. 

What should I tell the physiotherapist?

You’ll get more from your treatment if you know what you want to get out of your physio session beforehand. Here are some questions the physio is likely to ask: 

  • What do you want to get out of the treatment session?
  • Where are you experiencing any pain?
  • When did the problem first start?
  • Is there anything that could have triggered it?
  • When is the problem at its best and worst?