Ascenti Network Manager Charlie
09.18.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Charlie: Network Manager

Charlie is the Network Manager of our West and Wales region, and has been with Ascenti for over eight years. We caught up with Charlie to find out more about his day to day role.

Where do you work?

This depends on what meetings I have scheduled. Generally I could be anywhere in the South West region or in our main offices in Solihull, Bristol or Fareham.

If I don’t need to travel I usually work from a business lounge in a Regus site we use for physiotherapy in Cardiff.

When did you join Ascenti?

April 2011.

What does a typical day involve?

The early commute is the only thing you could class as typical about my day-to-day role. The only days where I can maintain some structure is on a Monday or Friday afternoon which I mainly spend analysing the performance of the networks I manage, and then planning and organising the weeks ahead, all done alongside general admin.

Can you talk us through one of the biggest challenges of your role?

I don’t have the time to do everything I would like to do which is something I have had to accept. I ensure I delegate duties appropriately and try to prioritise effectively although crisis management, which though infrequent, does get in the way!

This is your opportunity to bust some common myths about your job role.

I would love to bust the myth that I am always travelling somewhere and am the busiest person they know, but that is for the most part true!

What are the three best bits about your role?

Seeing staff members progress and be successful within their roles, the natural variety the role possesses, and also its challenges.

I believe we all need to be put outside of our comfort zones to develop personally and professionally, and the challenges I manage allow for this.