Noemi, Customer Service Associate at Ascenti
10.29.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Noemi: Customer Service Associate

Noemi works as a Customer Service Associate in our Fareham office where she supports our patients who have telephone or email queries. Here she tells us more about what her role involves.

Who do you sit next to and are they a good neighbour?

Oli is to my left – best seat in the house if I say so myself.

Sandy is to my right – she provides me with chocolate and is therefore an amazing neighbour!

What does a typical day involve?

In Customer Service there is not such a thing as a ‘typical’ day, every day is a lottery and we never know what kind of query we will get, which is part of the fun.

What attracted you to joining the team? 

The team seemed friendly and welcoming. You can be working at an amazing place but if the team is rubbish, then it’s a no from me…

Can you talk us through one of the biggest challenges of your role?

It’s always challenging when we have to cancel patient’s appointments with short notice. We understand their frustration but we try our best to communicate with them and make sure they know cancelling appointments is always the last resort.

This is your opportunity to bust some common myths about your team.

‘You only deal with booking calls’ – not true.

We deal with different queries on a daily basis and have to know medico-legal, NHS and private medical insurer protocols.

‘You always have to deal with nasty calls’ – not true at all!

The vast majority of our clients are lovely and it would be a shame to put them all in the same category as a few bad apples.

What are the three best bits about your role?

My team, they are the best people I know and will always pull together in stressful situations.

Charity/Fun days, it’s always good to do something different that can bring the whole of the Ascenti teams together. Also the food – there is ALWAYS food around which makes me very happy!

Job wise, it is always heart-warming when patients tell you that they are now able to move better, or that their quality of life has improved.