Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor Wendy
09.18.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Wendy: Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor

Wendy works as a Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor in the West Midlands region, as well as being a safeguarding champion. Here she shares what her role entails on a day to day basis.

While working at Ascenti you may have the opportunity to do secondments to other departments such as Clinical Governance and Safeguarding.
Last year, our Safeguarding Team appointed various clinical safeguarding champions to support their work within our company. Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor Wendy was one of those to take on the role of safeguarding champion. 
Where is the office?
I work in Bromsgrove, Bewdley and Hagley. I am also a Clinical Mentor which means I visit and support physiotherapists across the West Midlands. 
Do you ever work from other locations?
Yes, sometimes from the Edgbaston clinic and home. 
When did you join Ascenti?
I started at Ascenti in June 2018 and became a safeguarding champion in October that year. I then became a Clinical Mentor in June 2019. 
What does a typical day involve?
I am based in NHS GP practices and I see medico-legal, privately insured and privately funded patients, so my days are full and varied.
I fit the clinical safeguarding work in when I have any spare time. I’m on hand to support the clinical staff in my region with any questions they have about mental health and safeguarding and to help decide the best course of action.
As a clinical mentor I'm available to support, encourage and signpost my Band As in the best way I can. This varies from shadowing, teleconferences, emailing, personal references, group training, and just generally being a listening ear. 
Why did you become a clinical safeguarding champion?
I was asked to join the team because of my background working as a Senior Physiotherapist for the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust. I’m genuinely passionate about seeing a person in their entirety.

This is your opportunity to bust some common myths about what you do.
That safeguarding isn’t everyone’s business, or that physios should feel scared of asking for help.

The team is really friendly and approachable, and as mentors we are here to support and encourage, not to tell people what to do. 
What are the three best bits about your role?

  • Getting to use my knowledge of mental health in a professional capacity again
  • Meeting new members of the Ascenti family - yes, that’s how I see Ascenti!
  • Feeling happy that I can give support to other physiotherapists