Two Ascenti physiotherapists practicing exercise with a resistance band, Area Manager Jake Wilson, two physiotherapists conducting e-learning together
09.07.23|Posted by Ascenti Team

Jake: My journey from physio to manager

At Ascenti we pride ourselves on fairly promoting the best internal talent for new and existing roles, and giving people the opportunity to explore new areas of work that they are interested in.

Whether you want to be a leader or a mentor, you will get the support to develop into an area that you are passionate about. This will then prepare you for when a vacancy or job new opportunity becomes available, and you can take the next step in your career.

Jake Wilson is an Area Manager in our physiotherapy network for the South East. Here Jake shares his career progression journey from starting as a physio to becoming a manager at Ascenti.

What was your role when you first joined and what is your role now?

I joined the business in August 2019 as a MSK Physiotherapist. I became Area Manager for the Central London region in April 2022, then moved across to manage the South East team in January 2024. 

What motivated you to become an Area Manager?

Since starting my career with Ascenti I had an interest in finding ways to improve the service we deliver, and this began on a basic, local level by improving the quality of the clinics I would work from. This included how they looked, the facilities we had access to for patients, and the communications patients received regarding travel and access to the clinic. From there I evolved to working on larger projects as I moved into things like mentorship and other Area Manager level work.

Naturally, being a therapist by background, I have an inner desire to help other people to be the best version of themselves, and adopting an Area Manager role allows me to do this for my own team by empowering them to reach their personal and professional goals by facilitating development opportunities.

What was the process of going from a physiotherapist to an Area Manager?

I identified early on in my physio career that I wanted to move into management and made this apparent to my own line manager at the time. They provided me with advice and guidance on things that I could start doing to develop skills in this area. 

This began with becoming a ‘new starter’ buddy, then a clinical mentor as well as having regular 121 sessions with my line manager who focused on providing me with education on the Area Manager role and responsibilities. 

I also spoke to other Area Managers about their experiences and how I could refine my weaker skills and nurture my stronger skills, so that when an opportunity presented itself in the form of a vacancy, I was prepared for the interview and fortunately was successful. 

What are your main responsibilities as an Area Manager?

There are many responsibilities an Area Manager has including organisation of new and existing staff, leading the opening of new clinics and sourcing areas for growth, as well as completing performance and efficiency analysis of physiotherapists, clinics, and internal processes to facilitate the enhancement of our service and ways of working.

While not possible to list all responsibilities a rounded summary would be, taking care of the physios in my area, ensuring they are comfortable in the clinic and are provided with opportunities to develop professionally, as well as driving the business strategy in my area.

Can you talk us through one of your biggest challenges of your role? 

The biggest challenge as an Area Manager is maintaining efficient business performance while also ensuring physios work rates are equal and reasonable. To do this takes constant monitoring of clinic busyness, physio’s well-being and referral fluctuations. 

How does Ascenti support employee's careers?

By hosting a team of experienced and skilled staff amongst all pillars of the company who are open and willing to provide guidance to those who want to excel and develop. 

What advice would you give someone considering joining Ascenti?

Ascenti is a great company to work for if you are passionate about outpatient MSK physiotherapy and want to work in a fast-paced environment where you are given the independence to care for, and manage your own patient caseload, with constant support available to guide and develop you through your career.