Patrick: Progressing as a physio
09.17.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Patrick: Progressing as a physio

Patrick always knew that he wanted to become a physiotherapist. During his studies at Coventry University, he came across Ascenti on the University’s careers page and was immediately attracted to the company. Here, Patrick talks about the progress he has made so far and how the training and support system at Ascenti has helped him to progress. 

I joined Ascenti in 2011 and started with a graduate programme as I had just completed University. I had always been into sports growing up and I really enjoyed the biology side of science in school. To me, the both were part and parcel so it was an obvious career choice.

The banding structure is really competitive and gives the company a new edge. You start as a Band A Junior Physiotherapist and within a year you have the support to apply for a promotion to go up a band. You are enhancing your skills, knowledge and experiences but also your salary will increase too. It gives individuals something to work towards as you know you can progress. 

There are so many different avenues you can go down and the support network is fantastic. You have weekly one to one training sessions so you know that you will always be challenged. I am now a Band D Senior Physiotherapist and became a Clinical Mentor in 2014. I get to meet new starters and I am helping to train at different levels. 

The biggest reward of the job is when you see your patients getting better and you see the gratitude from them.  There is a huge care element to my job role, as I really do want to ensure the patient gets better. If we feel they need referring for specialist treatment we will help and guide them until they feel satisfied that they have answers for their injury or pains.