10.24.23|Posted by Sakina Dadla

Sakina: Why I thrive off the support I receive

MSK Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor, Sakina, reflects on her experience of the clinical learning and development she receives at Ascenti and how it's helped her to develop and progress as a physio.

Here at Ascenti, our physiotherapists benefit from our exceptional learning and development offering, which includes an award-winning CPD programme, ring-fenced paid education time every week, clinical mentoring, and a unique banding system that enables far faster career progression than is available elsewhere. 

We caught up with Sakina Dadla, who shares her experience of working as a physio at Ascenti and explains why she thrives off the level of support that she receives. 

Sakina joined Ascenti back in October 2022 as an MSK Physiotherapist working in Stevenage. She has also recently taken on the additional responsibility of being a Clinical Mentor. 

What support do you receive as an MSK Physio? 

Day to day, my Physiotherapy Development Lead (PDL), Clinical Mentor and Area Manager are always available online or over the phone when I need them. Working alone in a clinic can be daunting, especially when you are new in a company, but the support of the team makes it a lot easier to cope with it. 

In my 121 sessions with my mentor and Area Manager, we discuss current areas where I might need some more support, either personally or professionally. We also discuss long-term plans in terms of Continued Professional Development (CPD) and personal growth, as well as new opportunities within the company. We set goals and ensure steps are taken to be able to meet the demands and achieve those goals.

There is a lot of clinical support from mentors and PDLs with complex case scenarios, and simulated case discussions to help build clinical skills. 

Why do you think this level of support is important while working as a physiotherapist?

The support you receive is very important, especially as working independently can be very challenging. As physiotherapists, we are constantly learning new treatment approaches and it is beneficial to learn from each other. It also helps to build teamwork and a sense of community within the team. 

Which team do you work in and what’s it like working as part of this team? 
I work as a physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor for the North London team. Our team is fantastic and has a lot of talent. Group sessions are especially fun!

Everyone is super enthusiastic and if anyone has a clinical question, they are always ready to help out a colleague in need. We are constantly learning and growing as a team, which is amazing to see.

What kind of support do you find most beneficial as a physiotherapist?

I find the support from my Area Manager very beneficial in terms of assessing current clinical performance and gaining support with long-term goals. Mentoring and PDL sessions are great to help improve clinical skills and knowledge and are there to help, guide, and assist you as you put in the work to improve as a clinician.

The e-learning content always helps to improve knowledge as we treat patients and come across complex conditions. 

How has the support you’ve received from Ascenti helped you to progress in your physio career? 

When I started last year, I was very nervous because I was a new graduate. My Area Manager supported me with any concerns I had personally and professionally. We mapped out my long-term goals which helped to set me on the path to develop as a physiotherapist.

My mentoring sessions really helped to identify areas of strength and weaknesses that were crucial for clinical growth and confidence. When the opportunity arose to apply for a Clinical Mentor role, my mentor supported my journey and gave tips on how to improve my mentoring skills. I have constant support from my PDL whenever I am struggling with a situation, which boosts my confidence. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Ascenti?

Working as a mentor has helped improve my communication, organisation, and team leadership skills. It helps you develop as a person, navigating challenges and working through them with support. 

What’s the best thing about working at Ascenti?

I get to help patients be the best version of themselves. Working independently has made me a better physiotherapist because you have to build the skills needed to assess and treat. I also enjoy the strong sense of team at Ascenti. You feel supported, motivated, and inspired to be better every day.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Ascenti?

Ascenti is a great environment to work in if you want to provide the best care for your patients, while also having enough time to build your skills and knowledge with the amazing CPD programme on offer here. There are always new opportunities within the company so the opportunities for growth are unlimited. The team is fantastic and very supportive which makes for a lovely working environment.