03.01.24|Posted by Ascenti Team

Employee of the year 2023 – Physiotherapy

Our employee awards are an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the incredible work that our staff do throughout the year. In 2023, over 300 nominations were made and over 90 trophies were awarded. Area Manager, Dylan Pughe, won our Physiotherapy ‘Employee of the Year’ award and here he outlines what this means to him.

I started at Ascenti in February 2020 as an MSK Physiotherapist. Over these last four years, I have progressed in my career and I’m now an Area Manager for Yorkshire and the North Midlands.

Before joining Ascenti I knew I always wanted to work in MSK physiotherapy and I loved the idea of being autonomous and running my own clinic. Ascenti was a company I did not know much about, but my friend sent me one of their job adverts as they knew I was interested in joining a private MSK physio company.

From the website, Ascenti looked like a good fit for me. This was cemented by a really personable and friendly application process and interview. I really liked the idea of being autonomous, with as much support as I would need to succeed. The vast opportunities for development and progression have kept me motivated and happy at Ascenti.

My favourite thing about working at Ascenti is the people. I work with some of the most amazing people who are absolutely amazing at what they do. It really does make me feel proud to be part of Ascenti.

We work in such a dynamic industry, and Ascenti is an example of an ever-evolving business. Many people who work at Ascenti are very skilled, independent professionals who do their job extremely well. When you break this down to an individual level, it is quite easy to feel overlooked or underappreciated. Having a recognition structure in place like our employee awards allows us to recognise our colleagues for all the work they do, which really helps to make someone feel appreciated. Moreover, it helps to share and celebrate all the different roles that exist within our business.

Being named ‘Employee of the Year’ made me feel seen and valued by my colleagues. I always try to go above and beyond for people, and I care deeply about my team. The fact this was recognised over the course of the year, and culminated in such a significant achievement made me feel extremely happy.

I would describe the culture at Ascenti as friendly, supportive, dynamic, and driven. We work hard at Ascenti, and we are good at what we do. You will always have someone to talk to for support, and your team will always have your back.

My advice to anyone considering a career in physiotherapy is to remember that this is a people-focused industry. All of the clinical knowledge in the world is worthless if you can’t talk to, connect with and engage people. The difference between a good physio and a great physio (in my opinion) is communication, hard work and empathy.