Being a Triage Caller
09.17.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

Fiona: Being a Triage Caller

Fiona joined Ascenti as a Triage Caller in 2012. Here she talks more about her role and what it’s like to work at our Contact Centre based in Fareham, Hampshire. 

My role as a Care Coordinator at the Council came to an end in 2012 and I was really keen to stay in a related field. I came across the role of Triage Caller at Ascenti in 2012 and five years on I haven’t looked back. 

I’m passionate about football and played for the Portsmouth FC Ladies for 23 years. I injured my knee pretty badly in 2008 and had to undergo a total of three operations. After two years in rehabilitation, I managed to get back to the pitch for a further five seasons; which is a huge achievement of mine. My own experience of physiotherapy and working here has given me a real interest in healthcare and injury management.  

My role as Triage Caller requires me to make the initial contact with patients who are referred to us by medical or legal agencies because of an accident or injury. We speak to lots of people who have been in traffic collisions but every case is different and we hear all kinds of stories. 

We ask people to answer questions over the phone so that we are able to build a record of their case for our Treatment Team to review. This information helps us to direct patients to the right place and means that our therapists can prepare for their first appointment with us. 

Injury can be an unhappy time, so our job is to offer reassurance about the process and to help people feel happier and a bit brighter by the end of the call. I find that booking an appointment early on in the process puts people at ease, as they are usually very keen to start receiving treatment. 

I have learnt so much since I started working here and receive lots of support in my role, such as regular refresher training on telephone skills. I would describe the company as professional, hard-working and loyal.  I really like my job, team spirit is good and you feel appreciated and valued as an employee.