Physiotherapy student placements
07.18.19|Posted by Ascenti Team

My student placement experience with Ascenti

Gameli is a student studying Physiotherapy at the University of Lincoln. 

Gameli joined Ascenti for six weeks and shadowed Band D1 Physiotherapist and Regional Development Lead Colleen Magee in clinics across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region as part of a student placement during his first year of the course.

Physiotherapy student placement with Gameli

“The placement with Ascenti has exceeded my expectations and I have been really impressed with the level of knowledge that the physiotherapists have.

“I enjoyed the varied caseload and the different clinic locations we got to work in. Some highlights for me included being able to work inside a gym, treating an international bench press competitor and learning more about different conditions.

Physiotherapy student placement with Gameli

“I met a patient who had Guillain-Barré syndrome. It is a rare but serious autoimmune disorder so it was very interesting and fulfilling being able to see how our work can support people who have conditions like this.

“The placement has given me an opportunity to further understand musculoskeletal injuries in real life situations. It has also further increased my appreciation for physiotherapy and reminded me how rewarding it is to help people get better.

“I would highly recommend Ascenti as a place to work and to develop your career in physiotherapy.” 

Physiotherapy student placement with Gameli

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