We care about our people

Ascenti is committed to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything that we do – from the services that we deliver to how we build our workforce.

At Ascenti diversity, equity and inclusion is a business priority and sits in line with our company values of delivering on our promises and uniting our employees, patients and partners. 

As we continue to grow, our vision is to simultaneously create a better and more inclusive future, with a workplace and healthcare services that meet the needs of all people and continue to breakdown barriers. 

We use these five pillars to help us breakdown our bigger ambitions for the future...


Our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy

Diversity, equity and inclusion are actively discussed at team meetings, 121s and other routine engagement routes.
Data & systems
We advance our reporting capabilities to identify trends, needs and any potential inequalities.
Patients & services
Our services are designed to leave patients feeling positive about their experience with Ascenti.
People & workforce
Our policies and practices ensure that we are operating in a way that is fair and equitable for all.
Talent management
We actively work to promote equal opportunities across all that we do.
"As a healthcare organisation, social purpose sits at our core and we care deeply about addressing health inequalities and building an organisational culture that creates a sense of belonging for everyone."
Stephanie Dobrikova,

Connecting with our people

Employee voice

Our people help shape and bring our strategy to life, and we encourage our employees to exercise their voice through forums and surveys. We use this feedback to report to our Executive Team and to help develop action plans to create meaningful change.

Taking action

Without action, there is no change. We do not believe that strategies like this should be filed away collecting dust. We continue to drive change through consistency, communication and reporting.

Voices for change

In the spirit of continuing to break down barriers and challenging our thinking, we host a virtual series of external speakers called 'Voices for change'. Covering a range of topics, our aim is to capture any thinking, ideas or takeaways that come up for further exploration within Ascenti.

Employee engagement

To ensure that this strategy sits at the heart of our organisation, we regularly like to include employees in conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion through a variety of forums, campaigns and channels. Our goal is to encourage and create a safe and open space for employees where they can discuss these topics openly.

"I'm so glad I work for a company that celebrates Pride constructively, instead of performatively, with meaningful campaigns that empower LGBTQ+ colleagues to share their stories and experiences, and encourage everyone to join in the conversation. Arranging for one lucky competition winner to attend Brighton Pride was an added bonus and I'm so grateful to have been able to go!"
Laura Marlow
External Communications Lead