East Midlands

The East Midlands area has exciting opportunities to work on a variety of caseloads, and gives you a chance to learn from experienced clinicians in your team with FCP and APP contracts available in the area.

Operating from over 20 clinics there is a team of around 18 physiotherapists completing over XXXX appointments every month.

Known for their socials and charity events within the network, this is a great team to be part of.

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More about the area

Patient caseload

In this area you will have the opportunity to treat a variety of patients, from private patients who pay for their own treatment or through Private Medical Insurers such as Vitality, to Occupational Health contracts with Jaguar and Land Rover. The team also work on a small NHS contract in Central Lancashire where we have FCP and APP clinicians working.

The clinics

From GP surgeries to luxury office blocks, there are over 20 clinics in the area. The team completes over XXXX appointments every month from these clinics.

The team

You will join a team of around 19 physiotherapists who have a range of experience. You will get to meet with your manager, peers, and Clinical Development Team virtually and in-person on a regular basis. With a designated social rep, the team meet socially as often as they can and like to get involved in support our charity partner.

About your manager

Qualifying as a physiotherapist from University of Nottingham in 2012, Rob Hardiman started his first job with Ascenti in the September of that year.

In 2014 Rob became a Clinical Mentor following his drive to help others in their career. In 2015 Rob started his manager position but enjoys engaging in clinical conversations with his team.

Rob has had experience as a physiotherapist working with Nottingham Forest Ladies Football Team and the Egyptian Paralympic Team in the 2012 Olympics.


“With opportunities to grow, I am an Area Manager that is fully committed to clinical development and supporting my team in all areas of MSK Physiotherapy.”
Rob Hardiman
East Midlands Area Manager


The East Midlands Clinical Development Team

All areas have a Physiotherapy Development Lead and Clinical Mentors that will support you in your development. In East Midlands there are four mentors, two of whom have a special focus in virtual physiotherapy and Occupational Health. You will have a lot of contact with your PDL and Clinical Mentor virtually and in-person.


"Quote from Matt about being a PDL - to be confirmed."
Matt Rawlins
Physiotherapy Development Lead