PhysioCare support

Got a query? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you’re looking for, email or call 0330 124 7271 and we’ll be happy to help.

Getting started with PhysioCare

What's PhysioCare?

It’s a free app, designed by Ascenti, that lets you have video consultations with a physio, followed by a video rehabilitation programme that your physio creates for you. 

To use PhysioCare, you need an access code. We’ll email you a code once you’ve booked your first appointment with us.

How can I access PhysioCare?

All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection and a web browser. 

You can access the PhysioCare site by heading to:

Accessing your PhysioCare programme

How do I get an access code?

We'll email you a code once you've booked your first appointment with us. 

I've forgotten my access code

To reset or get your access code, click "I don't have an access code". 

If you haven't yet got your access code, email or call 0330 124 7271


My programme isn't updating

If you open PhysioCare and you see that your programme hasn't updated:

  • Open PhysioCare and go to Preferences
  • Click Sign out
  • Sign back in with your new access code

It's not accepting my year of birth

If you can't log in, even if you enter a valid year of birth, it could be that the error is at our end. Email or call 0330 124 7271 and we'll look into it for you. 

Preparing for your video consultation

Run a system check

To make sure that your online physio appointment goes smoothly, we advise you to check your system ahead of the video call. 

Check your connection

You need to be logged into PhysioCare and connected to the internet in order to receive the video call from your physio. We recommend connecting via WiFi, as it tends to be more reliable. 

Pick the right web browser

When using PhysioCare on your computer or laptop, it's best to use Google Chrome or Firefox. 

Check the camera angle

As you may be asked to perform exercises, make sure your camera can be angled to focus on the relevant part of your body during the exercise. Make sure you also have enough space. 

Test this out before your call starts by opening the webcam on your computer, or the camera option on your phone or tablet. Check you have your front-facing camera switched on, so that you can look at the screen as well as show your face. 

Find a quiet place

Treat the session the same way as if the physio were coming to your house. So get a quiet spot away from any distractions e.g. pets, colleagues and children. 

Check your microphone

For the best quality audio, use headphones with a microphone. If you don't have headphones, check that the microphone on your computer or tablet works. 

How to start your video consultation

You can't call your physio; they call you. When it's time for your appointment:

  • Go to preferably in Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Enter the six-letter access code you recieve in your PhysioCare invitation email, along with your date of birth
  • Click the "Access your programme" button

Your physio will now be able to call you. 

When the call comes through, you'll see a "Join video call" button appear in the top right. To answer the call, just press the button. 

You'll now be asked for your consent. Once you accept, you'll be able to connect to your physio via encrypted audio and video. 

Switching audio and video off

If at any point during the call you want to turn off your camera and/or sound, just press the camera and/or microphone symbols in the top left corner of your screen. You'll see a line appear through the symbols when they been turned off. 

What should I tell the physiotherapist?

You’ll get more from your treatment if you know what you want to get out of your physio session beforehand. Here are some questions the physio is likely to ask: 

  • What do you want to get out of the treatment session?
  • Where are you experiencing any pain?
  • When did the problem first start?
  • Is there anything that could have triggered it?
  • When is the problem at its best and worst? 

My PhysioCare programme

Can I pause my programme?

You can't pause it. But you can ask us to end your programme and restart it at a later date. 

What are sets, reps, hold and other parameters?

Different exercises require different techniques, for example, a cardio exercise may be a matter of completing the exercise for a certain duration, at a certain intensity. Here’s what all the terms mean: 

  • Reps / Repetitions: The number of times an exercise needs to be repeated
  • Sets: The length of time that the entire exercise, with all of its repetitions, needs to be 
  • Hold: The amount of seconds (or minutes) that you need to maintain a certain position
  • HR Max: The maximum heart rate
  • Duration: The total period that you need to be doing this exercise. This is usually used for cardio exercises such as running or swimming

If you’re not sure what you need to do, always ask your physio to explain.

Can I report I've done an exercise on a day other than today?

No, you can only complete an exercise on the day it's assigned. 

How do I print my programme?

  • Access your exercise programme
  • Go to Preferences > My programme
  • Select the weeks that you want to print
  • Click the "Show printable version" button to see a print-friendly version of your programme, that you can then print from your browser. 

What is a pain alert?

It's how to signal pain to your physio. When you send them an alert, they can log in to see what's going on. 

Pain alerts are an important part of PhysioCare, because it lets your physio adjust your programme. 

What's the difference between the various pain levels?

Pain is subjective, so just use your best judgement when reporting any pain levels after each exercise. 

We'll log this information to help your physio fine-tune your programme for the best possible outcome.

When is an exercise marked as "Completed"?

It's marked as "Completed" when you've finished all the sets, reps and other assigned parameters (e.g. weight) for the exercise. 

If you're having trouble completing your exercises, ask your physio about adjusting your programme. 

Where can I buy any equipment I might need for my exercises?

Just ask your physiotherapist and they'll let you know what, if any, equipment you might need. 

If I've said I've done an exercise, can I go back and change this later?

No, you can only report you've completed an exercise on the day that it's assigned to you. 

Can I change the dates of my programme?

No, but if you think your programme needs to be adjusted, talk to your physio. 

Can I log in to my programme from different devices at the same time?

Yes, you can access your programme from different devices at the same time. 

PhysioCare FAQs

Is my information treated securely?

Yes, an ISO 27001 certified security consultancy regularly tests our systems for high-security standard. 

There's no sound on the videos

Please check that you haven't left the sound on your computer, tablet or smartphone on mute. 

All our videos have clearly spoken instructions, except our cardiovascular exercises. If you're viewing videos added by your practitioner, these may not have sound. If you're not sure, check with your physio or get in touch with us. 

What exactly does my physio see about me?

Your physio uses a platform called Physitrack (the practitioner version of PhysioCare) to design your home exercise programme and track your progress. 

As a result, he/she will see when you've logged in, which exercises you completed, which exercises you haven't completed, and all related messages and pain levels. 

All your data is treated and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy

How do I enable and disable exercise reminders?

  • Access your exercise programme
  • Go to Preferences > Reminders
  • Check (or uncheck) the box to send reminders
  • If you do want to receive reminders, make sure that you enter an email address or phone number

How do I get in touch if I have a problem?

Just email or call 0330 124 7271 and we'll do all we can to help. When you get in touch, please start by telling us what the problem is e.g. "PhysioCare doesn't recognise my access code." It would be a good idea if you can:

  • check with your physio before you get in touch whether your programme has already expired, or if they've changed it.
  • tell us how you usually access your programme and if you've had the same problem with other portals. The more details you give us the better e.g. "I usually access PhysioCare on my iPhone but for some reason, it's not working."
  • take a screenshot or video of the problem. With so many different computers, smartphones, tablets and operating systems, there can be lots of potential sources of error. So, the more visuals you can send us, the better. If you're not sure how to take a screenshot, search "How to take a screenshot on [your device name]" online.

It's also worth bearing in mind that you can resolve a lot of technical issues just by installing software upgrades on your device. To check if you have any software upgrades to install, go to the "Settings" menu on your hardware. 

If I go on holiday, will PhysioCare still work?

Yes, as long as you have access to an internet connection and a reasonably new computer, tablet or smartphone

If I travel abroad, can I change my timezone?

To change the timezone on your computer, tablet or phone:

  • Access your programme
  • Go to Preferences > Settings
  • Choose the correct timezone and the change will be automatically saved