Right to Work and DBS Checks

At Ascenti, we conduct identity, Right to Work and DBS checks on everyone who joins us.

Identity and Right to Work checks are a government requirement to verify that individuals who apply for a job with us are eligible to work in the UK.

The DBS background checks are in place at Ascenti due to the sensitive data and information we deal with through our patient care, and all staff must go through this process before joining us. 

These checks require personal documents from you to support and verify the above checking procedures.

During the recruitment process you will be asked to provide original documents to us via email and keep the same documents on hand to show virtually, either at interview or at offer stage. All documents must be in their original format e.g. paper, therefore you must scan them or take a picture of them and attach them to the email.
The Government have allowed a temporary change to Right to Work checks during the Covid-19 pandemic where they can be conducted via video calls. This includes holding up your document to the camera, so that we can take a screengrab of the documents as proof that we have checked them with the person we are recruiting. 

Top tips

  • Ensure all the document is showing in the photo, that no part of the document is missing.
  • Ensure the photo is clear and in focus so the document can be easily read.
  • When providing proof of address, ensure all documents have the same address.
  • The only PDF/digital version document we can accept is P60. Otherwise, we are not able to accept online documents - you can request a copy be posted to you by the supplier, or go into a branch and ask them to print/validate a statement.
  • If a document has a time limit on it, for example certain bills only serve as proof of address if they are less than three months old, make sure documents are going to be in date for the entire process - don’t provide a document which will only be valid for a week or two as it will take longer than this to go through the whole clearance process.
  • Ensure each document is valid, for example if the document requires your signature in order to be valid, make sure you sign it before submitting to us.
  • Use the same documents for all stages of your recruitment process, do not submit different documents unless we request it to complete the checks.

Once you have completed these checks, keep your documents together ready for future processes or queries, as you may need to use them again if you are successful and are made an offer.

The documents that you need

(please note you can use some documents for multiple checks - refer to the guidance links for more details)

One document for the Right to Work check from the following:

  • Valid UK passport (must be signed), OR
  • UK birth certificate with a proof of NI number (P60, P45, payslip), OR
  • UK Home Office verification via a “Share Code” (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens), OR
  • Valid Irish passport or passport card, OR
  • Non-UK passport with a biometric residence permit issued by the UK Home Office (front and back of the residence permit)

Three documents for the ID check:

  • Two photo ID documents and one document with current address, OR
  • One photo ID document and two documents with current address
  • A full list of documents which can be used is on pages 10-14 of this guide here

Three documents for the Criminal Record (DBS) check:

  • One document from Group 1 and two documents from Group 1, or Group 2a, or 2b
  • If you have lived abroad for over 6 months in the previous 5 years you will also need to provide a police check from the country you have been living in
  • Full details here