Our philosophy

We are passionate believers in our distinct clinical philosophy, because we know it works and see first-hand how it helps people every day.

Our knowledge comes from over 20 years of successfully treating more than 1.1 million people, from office workers to top athletes. 

Ascenti therapists combine traditional physiotherapy practices with contemporary hands-on techniques. This means using what we call manual therapies such as soft-tissue massage, alongside cognitive therapies to address how the mind and lifestyle factors can influence your physical wellbeing. 

We also use techniques from related specialisms such as: Orthopaedic Medicine, Biomechanics, Osteopathy and Psychology. 

Top physiotherapists to elite sportsmen and women founded our business and continue to lead us today, constantly shaping and improving our clinical approach. This is where our keen emphasis on manual therapies and speedy results originated from. 

Ascenti physiotherapists are our own employees (not independent contractors) and every physio receives a minimum of 40 hours training annually. This helps us to maintain consistently high standards and keeps us on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and treatments.