Grading structure

Our competitive grading structure for physios clearly sets out how you can progress in your career and salary.

Working as a physiotherapist at Ascenti you will be rewarded and paid fairly for the work that you do and the level that you are operating at.  

Our competitive MSK Physiotherapy Grading Structure is one of a kind within the profession and is something that we are hugely proud of.  

Not many businesses can say that they give every employee the opportunity to apply for a promotion annually and invest in the training and support they need to make that progression happen.  

Salaries within our grading structure range from £25,500 to £60,000 depending on the role, location, and experience of the clinician applying.

Our grading structure is core to the learning and development of our clinical team and is also designed to reward hard work and great talent.

Each grading level has a clear set of development goals and competencies that you will need to demonstrate to progress, which will enable you to excel in your career and see salary gains.

Our training curriculum has been designed to support your development and enables you to achieve your goals and ambitions as a clinician from a graduate physiotherapist to an FCP and APP.

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