04.02.20|Posted by Ascenti Team

Free online physio appointments for NHS workers

Ascenti is extending the offer of free online physiotherapy appointments to NHS workers, to help keep them healthy while they work to fight coronavirus.

Earlier this week we made online booking of our video physiotherapy consultations available to all and announced the offer of free appointments for the over 65s, which you can read more about here.

To help our healthcare colleagues in the NHS, we are now also inviting them to access our online physiotherapy services for free and these sessions can be booked through a form. This offer is limited to one free session per person. 

Our amazing NHS workers do mentally and physically demanding jobs and have been under increased pressure since the outbreak of coronavirus, so we want to help look after them while they are looking after others.

Our online physiotherapy appointments are live one-to-one sessions with a certified Ascenti physiotherapist that are delivered using our Ascenti Physio app. These video consultations can help NHS staff with a range of issues and conditions, including: 

  • Managing pain and common conditions such as back pain. 
  • Pain due to working long hours and being on your feet for large parts of the day without rest, for example foot pain, knee pain and lower-limb muscle fatigue.
  • Lifestyle advice to help NHS workers stay healthy, for example stretches and exercises to proactively prevent pain and other issues from occurring. 
  • Managing the physical demands of new activities and lifestyle changes. 

Stephanie Dobrikova, CEO of Ascenti, commented: “Following the move to our online physiotherapy service and our offer of free appointments for the over 65s, we are pleased to be able to extend this offer to the incredible NHS workers who are responding to COVID-19.

We know how hard the NHS are working to combat the coronavirus crisis and we hope NHS staff will benefit from our small gesture during this immensely challenging period.”

Free sessions for NHS workers are limited to one free session per person and are subject to availability.

You can also read more information about how an online physio appointment can achieve great treatment results or take a look at our virtual physiotherapy FAQs.

Please note this offer has now ended.

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