UK visa sponsorship

We welcome applications from physiotherapists from all over the world and can sponsor individuals if the right opportunity is available.  

Up until the UK left the European Union (EU), citizens were able to come to the UK and work freely using their EU passport or identity card as evidence of their right to work. 

From January 2021, all Ascenti applicants from outside of the UK and Ireland, including European countries, will need to apply for UK visa sponsorship and the right to work as part of new immigration laws. This is unless you are an EU resident already living or studying in the UK and with settled UK status.

If you are a foreign national and we have a current vacancy that you are interested in, please apply for the job role in the usual way and we will be in touch to discuss your application. 

If you are a good match for one of our vacancies, then our Talent Team will be in touch to discuss how we progress your application. Please also read through the information below to learn more about moving to the UK and working with us on a sponsored visa. 

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What will Ascenti cover the cost of?

If your application is successful, then we will cover the cost of your certificate of sponsorship, but you must cover the application fee yourself. 

You will also need to cover the cost of your membership with the HCPC and CSP (see below for more details) which is something that all our physiotherapists cover the cost of, including our UK nationals. 

What do I need to be considered for a visa sponsorship? 

You must have the needed qualifications and skills detailed on the job description that you are applying for from our current vacancies section. 

Before you can practice as a Physiotherapist in UK and start working at Ascenti, you will need to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP). You will need to apply for membership with these organisations and manage your application yourself. 

The HCPC will need to validate your qualifications and credentials from your native country and where you trained before you can work in healthcare in the UK.  

Because the HCPC registration process can take a long time, it is extremely beneficial and will fast track your application if you are already registered with the HCPC. 

If you do not already hold HCPC registration, then we will ask for evidence that you have applied for this and when you expect to become registered, so that we can determine if we are able to consider you for a current vacancy at this time. 

"If you are ready to take the big step in your personal and professional life, I would 100% recommend Ascenti as a perfect way to start! You will receive support weekly from your designated mentor, and the colleagues in your team will always be available to help you with whatever question you might have. "
Ana Isabel Pinilla-Bermudez
Physiotherapist in Wales and West area, originally from Spain.

Do we offer a relocation package?

We do not routinely offer relocation packages or any additional financial support to foreign nationals, however for certain roles and locations, we do offer welcome bonuses. This is part of a wider company initiative and subject to certain criteria.  

Which roles are available for sponsored placements?

You can apply for any of our current vacancies listed here and must be prepared to live and work from these locations. 

You can also apply to join our Physio Grad Scheme if you have recently graduated from university with the appropriate qualifications and credentials. 


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Will Ascenti provide any special training or support?

Yes. When you join Ascenti, your manager will work with you to agree a development and training plan for your first six months.

This will be tailored to your individual needs and could include additional training and modules through our online learning platform. For example, training to support your understanding of the UK healthcare system, communication styles and cultural differences. 

You will also be able to connect and network with other like-minded healthcare professionals who are also foreign nationals, as part of our special online hub and communication tools. 

We are committed to helping our sponsored employees settle into life and work in the UK. 

What does the Visa Sponsorship process involve? 

Our internal People Team will provide guidance on the sponsorship requirements and what you will need to provide in order to obtain a sponsored VISA. We also partner with an immigration law solicitor, who will support you through the visa sponsorship process.

What makes Ascenti special? 

At Ascenti we actively work to promote equal opportunities across all that we do, including when we recruit new talent as part of UK visa sponsorship. We have helped many foreign nationals who are already working with us to progress their careers as physiotherapists and are proud of our diverse workforce. 

Our people work hard, but love what they do because of the amazing team energy at Ascenti and the rewarding role we all play in changing people’s lives. 

We invest heavily in the professional development of our people, high-tech digital health tools and have big ambitions for the future, which makes Ascenti an exciting place to work. 
Importantly, we also believe in enabling our people to achieve their goals outside of work and a balanced life overall, with good benefits, home-working and flexible opportunities. 

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"At the beginning, I was a bit concerned that the opportunities for me as someone not originally from this country might be different to someone who was born here in the UK. However, I am so happy to say that this is not the case at Ascenti."
Mariana Sousa
Physiotherapist in the East Midlands area, originally from Portugal.