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Sabbatical leave
Ascenti Team
17 Apr

How to take a sabbatical, according to our employees who did

People who join Ascenti want flexibility, balance, and opportunities, both inside and outside of work. Our benefits package was shaped around enabling our employees to create a life they love, whilst bringing their best selves to work.
Dylan Pughe
Ascenti Team
1 Mar

Employee of the year 2023 – Physiotherapy

Our employee awards are an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the incredible work that our staff do throughout the year. In 2023, over 300 nominations were made and over 90 trophies were awarded. Area Manager, Dylan Pughe, won our Physiotherapy ‘Employee of the Year’ award and here he outlines what this means to him.
Wales and West Team
Ascenti Team
16 Feb

Using our charity day to make a difference

As part of our benefits package at Ascenti, we offer employees one paid day per year to support a charity or charity event. Here, Senior MSK Physiotherapist and Physiotherapist Development Lead, Sophie Bloor, explains how she utilised her charity day to participate in a great initiative for Samaritan’s Purse.
Esme Pengelly
Ascenti Team
10 Jan

Employee of the Year 2023 – Customer Support

Investigations and Diagnostic Administrator, Esme Pengelly has been a vital member of the Customer Support Team for six years, and here she describes what winning Customer Support Employee of the Year means to her.
Ascenti Team
21 Dec

The best of both worlds: Hybrid working as an MSK Physiotherapist

Ascenti's award-winning virtual services give our physiotherapists more flexibility in their working pattern and the unique opportunity to develop their skills in new ways. Here, Senior MSK Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor, Charlie Jones, explains what attracted him to a hybrid position with Ascenti and what he enjoys most about his role.
Sakina Dadla
24 Oct

Sakina: Why I thrive off the support I receive

MSK Physiotherapist and Clinical Mentor, Sakina, reflects on her experience of the clinical learning and development she receives at Ascenti and how it's helped her to develop and progress as a physio.
Stephanie Dobrikova, Chief Executive Officer at Ascenti
Stephanie Dobrikova
9 Oct

Why we’re looking for more physios to join us

As the UK’s leading independent physiotherapy provider, we have launched a major recruitment drive to significantly expand our physio workforce, following an increase in demand for our MSK services. Here CEO of Ascenti, Stephanie Dobrikova, explains the importance of the recruitment drive.
Ascenti Team
22 Sep

Working with a varied caseload

As an Ascenti MSK Physiotherapist you can manage your own caseload with patients from a variety of contracting partners.
Ascenti Team
15 Sep

My experience treating PMI patients

As proud partners to major UK private medical insurance providers (PMI), our physios benefit from treating a varied caseload that includes PMI patients.
Hetal Umaria
Ascenti Team
8 Sep

A day in the life of a Clinical Mentor

We have over 40 Clinical Mentors in our physiotherapy network who provide 121 and group setting support to our MSK Physiotherapists.
Two Ascenti physiotherapists practicing exercise with a resistance band, Area Manager Jake Wilson, two physiotherapists conducting e-learning together
Ascenti Team
7 Sep

Jake: My journey from physio to manager

At Ascenti we pride ourselves on fairly promoting the best internal talent for new and existing roles, and giving people the opportunity to explore new areas of work that they are interested in.
Mariana Sousa
Ascenti Team
16 May

Ascenti’s Mariana Sousa becomes a published author in Cureus

MSK Physiotherapist, Mariana Sousa recently had an article published after completing her Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at Coventry University.

Here Mariana shares her experience of becoming published and describes the support received from Ascenti.